Windows Laptops


Out of all the laptops in the world you can be sure that at least 4 out of every 5 laptop run on a windows operating system. Windows has changed the way the hardware of a computer communicates with the software. In layman’s term an operating system is like a language that the hardware and software speak so that they can communicate. It’s a kind of an interface.

Windows Laptops manufactured within the last decade would probably have windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 running on them. Windows 7 is the latest operating system on offer by Microsoft. Windows 7 is touted to be the best operating system it has a lite version which is called windows 7 starter and is for netbooks. While at the same time it supports the touch screen interface for tablet computers.

The interface and look the windows 7 provides to the desktop is beautiful. It allows you to set dynamic wallpaper which will change the wall paper according to a time delay that is set. If you like multitasking and open several windows laptop you can hover the cursor on the task bar and see a preview of the contents of the window. You can also minimize all open windows with click on just one icon on the right corner of the task bar.

You can download and install various gadgets which are small independent programs that run on the desktop. You can choose gadgets that show you details of stock market, sports updates, phases of the moon and many other gadgets. Windows 7 also features windows media center which brings all your media under one program.

Windows 7 has a backward compatibility mode where you can run programs which were specifically coded to run on older operating systems like windows XP. It also has great support for all kinds of devices and has an extensive driver database that allows it to recognize and install drivers for most printers, scanners and cameras. It also supports mobile phones and allows you to browse the contents of a removable device with help of a pop up window that appears when you connect a device to your computer.

It also offers one click WI-FI which is great mstand. Considering the popularity of windows laptops and people connecting to the internet with help of Wi-Fi hotspots you need not configure a new Wi-Fi connection. You can click on the icon in the system tray and select a Wi-Fi hotspot from the list available.

Windows 7 is a very stable and reliable platform for windows laptop.