UNblocking Wikipedia With Ultrasurf



In fact, Wikipedia can be very useful, as it often provides exact and succinct information on lots of subjects. So, what should you do if you’re in front of the university computer and you need to ask Wiki a question? Since colleges restrict access to Wikipedia from their fixed IPs, there is only solution – access it from a different IP address.

The good news is that you do not necessarily have to go home to scan through Wiki’s pages. In our digital era, most students have mobile devices with quick and easy access to the Internet – your iPhones, Androids and Nokia running on Windows Mobile. Installing a VPN (virtual private network) on your mobile device will help you get access to any Internet page you want. filehippo ultrasurf


How does it work? Everything is pretty simple. Your VPN service provider offers you a list of active IP addresses that can be changed at fixed intervals of time. In other words, there is a common pool of IPs shared with plenty of other user. Some VPN services, like HMA, offer you a chance of manual or automatic IP selection. That is, you can either choose independently the IP of any country of the world, or use random IP from your provider.

The IPs are changed, say, every five minutes (the exact interval of time will depend on your service provider, as well as on the preferences of your choice). That is, you kill two birds with one stone – you get access to any Internet page of the world, and always remain hidden!

Some VPN service providers, including IPVanish, offer you another awesome feature – a chance to connect simultaneously from different devices – so you will be able to use VPN both on your home computer and on your mobile device!